Women In Suits



by Jessica Morgan

What’s sexier than a woman in a power suit? Nothing. It’s probably called the power suit because it makes men forget they’re even men once they start salivating and losing all sense of strength at the foot of a gorgeous woman in a well-tailored suit. Or, it could be called that because once women took the suit and made it their own, men lost the perceived power that they acquired by wearing the suit. Whichever theory you decide to believe there’s one thing the history of women in suits have in common, and that’s Chanel. Chanel is responsible for putting women in suits and liberating them from the restraints of only dresses; while others like Yves Saint Laurent and Armani continued the evolution of this statement piece for women.


Today seeing women in suit is more common but what is different is the silhouette and what is worn with the suit. Women historically have paired their suits with stilettos for a feminine touch, but not anymore. Creative Director of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons has popularized wearing slip-ons with suits and frequently puts the models at J. Crew in New Balances or Nikes to manufacture a chic, sporty look. Then you have Nicole Richie and other celebrities, wearing fitted suits with no undershirt to create a sexy, womanly look.

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Suits are less of a trend and more of a staple item in a women’s wardrobe. I guess the rules of what is appropriate for men and women are inconclusive; after all men did take our best friend (the purse) so it’s only natural we take their primary source of masculinity.