Month: January 2014

  • The importance of handwritten letters

    The importance of handwritten letters

    Esther Eom Guest Columnist When was the last time you picked up a pen to write a letter to someone? When was the last time you received a letter from someone in your mailbox? “Snail mail,” a common term for handwritten letters has been and still is an effective way of communication today for many […]

  • Style Gurus on the internet

    Style Gurus on the internet

    Pooja Bhaskar Fashion Columnist A part of what makes VCU stand out from other colleges is our unique sense of style. Students from all over come together into one giant melting pot of trends with their each special flavor. Everyday, students all across campus step out in their best outfits and what better way to […]

  • Transgender Dysphoria Blues

    Transgender Dysphoria Blues

    By: Brandon Geib I missed political punk. I missed listening to bands with a message. Bands who aren’t there just to entertain you, they are there to create dialogue. Political punk isn’t afraid to throw its views in your face and block your view with power chords and raspy vocals until you consider them. I […]

  • VCU Trending: Stay Warm

    VCU Trending: Stay Warm

    Alexandra Mitchell looks at the on campus fashion in wake of Richmond’s snow.

  • Kingdom’s Closed? Sweet.

    Kingdom’s Closed? Sweet.

    Kingdom’s Closed? Sweet. By: Morgan White On January 6th Kingdom, a music venue located in Shockoe Bottom, announced that it was closing its doors. My feelings on that matter can be summed up rather simply- that’s pretty awesome. Why is it pretty awesome though? There are several reasons. If you had a map of Virginia […]

  • 13 Albums That Kept My Faith in Music During 2013

    13 Albums That Kept My Faith in Music During 2013

    Written by Brandon Geib with contributions by Carleen Sadowski for diversity. 13. Luke Bryan- Crash My Party As always, Luke Bryan is a stud. If you listen at all to country radio, hits like “Crash My Party” and “That’s My Kind Of Night” off his fourth hit album cannot be escaped from, and why would […]

  • Behind Don’t Look Back

    Behind Don’t Look Back

    The phrase ‘Don’t Look Back’ is usually associated with a few things; it’s a Bob Dylan documentary for one, it’s what people say to themselves when they’re at a crossroads in life, it’s what Belle and Sebastian sing in their appropriately titled ‘Like Dylan in the Movies’ track and it’s also a local taco and […]

  • Cullen Bonham

    Cullen Bonham

    Cullen Bonham first appeared to me in the form of a Wes Anderson color-type music video, riding his bike and eating at a summer cookout – a scene that is fitting to the sound of the Californian rapper producer. Now based in Richmond, Bonham dropped his latest LP ‘Good Mood Dude’ in November, which features […]

  • Ink Fashion Issue

    Ink Fashion Issue

    Check out our video for out latest issue right here:

  • Ink Editorials

    Ink Editorials

    It’s 2014 so with a new year ahead Ink here is a look at some of Ink’s past editorials.

  • Around Richmond

    Around Richmond

    Local shows, venues, and all of the other cultural happenings around town.