Month: May 2014

  • An Interview With Iconique

    Myriah McReynolds Guest Columnist Many street brands have found their way onto VCU’s diverse and dynamic campus. With fresh street brand designs gripping the silhouettes of many of VCU’s young and determined students fashion is constantly shifting and bringing individuality to the trends on campus. Many students have found their passion in creating clothing for […]

  • In Fashion This Week: Kylie Dougherty

      Esther Eom sat down to talk with Kylie Dougherty, a Fashion Merchandising student in VCUarts about her involvement in VCU Fashion as well as her interests in fashion. As a social media intern, she provides the latest news via social networks. After her visit to Italy last summer for fashion events, Kylie is passionate […]

  • Artist of the Week: Nicanor Lotuaco

    Artist of the Week: Nicanor Lotuaco

    At the most recent Space.88 show, a frequent and very popular gallery event created in the apartment of VCUarts students Max Runko and John Stavas, one of the most talked about pieces was the ambiguous “Barfday,” a piece by Sculpture major Nicanor Lotuaco. The name itself is a play on words for what the actual […]

  • Sun Bathing

    Sun Bathing

    Photographer: Studio 5800 Makeup & Hair: Tony Yanez Model : Alezandra Babiarz Fashion Columnist : Shaun Jackson Stellar, abbreviated and body-baring, the spread itself stands on the sun and carves “provocative” as a niche and uses its sporty and suggestive feel to create unapologetic swimwear that is sexier than ever while maintaining Have t. Would […]

  • May Day Parade Takes Action Against Richmond’s Gold Diggers

    May Day Parade Takes Action Against Richmond’s Gold Diggers

    Caitlin Stallings Guest Columnist May Day dates all the way back to the late nineteenth century when employees had to fight for better working conditions and 8-hour work days. For these reasons, it is also known as International Worker’s Day. The revolutionary holiday originated here in the United States- the land of the free and […]

  • Welcoming Wicked to Richmond

    Welcoming Wicked to Richmond

    Brandon Geib Guest Columnist I have two very distinct musical loves, Pop-Punk and Broadway. Usually I focus on the former, today however I focus on the latter. You see last night I had the good fortune of attending the performance of Wicked at the Landmark Theater (Go home, Altria). And while this was outside of […]