Fashion Crush Friday : Maison Margiela

  Campuses across the nation may be out for the summer, but class is officially in session here at INK. It seems that many of us can spout off names like Givenchy and Raf Simons, but do we even know why they’re worth mentioning at all? In our latest feature, we’ll be uncovering the various […]

Dominion River Rock Festival 2015

Story by Felix Mallaby-Kay     This past weekend saw the Dominion River Rock festival return to Richmond. The festival brought athletes, musicians, artists, and community members of all kinds to the banks of the James River. The three-day festival was the biggest River Rock yet, featuring a huge variety of activities and booths – […]

Dior and I: A Documentary by Frederic Tching

Written by Allison Oberlin      The world of haute couture fashion appears exclusive, mysterious and to many consumers elitist. Haute couture is the non-commercial side of fashion that is more theatrical and meant to create a spectacle. It also stays true to the origins of fashion before machines had been invented and people sewed […]


Interview by Gabe Lugo   Gabe, you recently opened for Terravita. It was a pretty small crowd, but it definitely started to pick up later in the night. How did you feel about that experience? I feel really good about it. First time using CDJ’s, I usually use a controller… but I’ve been practicing and […]

BIG SECRET – A Creative Profile

Interview by Kelly Reyes  Video Team: Mary Swanson, Will Nelson, Sarah Thaw The first in a series looking in to the minds behind the creative scene of Richmond. Ink sat down with Jason Lefton, the owner of Big Secret, a laser engraving studio located in Jackson Ward. Lefton tells us a little more about his […]

BillBoard Music Awards 2015 | Red Carpet Review

  By Allison Oberlin The Billboard Music Awards are an awards ceremony occurring every year since 1989 and held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Billboard magazine, which held the event, covers every music event and produces their music popularity chart. This year, Chrissy Teigen and Ludacris hosted the ceremony. Taylor Swift led the winners’ circle tonight […]

She once lived in a brick city – Fashion editorial

“Her clothing tells her story. She expresses herself with them. No matter where she may be or who she may be with, the way she lived and dressed will always be the same.” – Maddy M. Photographer | Jennifer VanSteenburgh Fashion Stylist | Mikayla Baumgartner + Cierra Artis Model | Aminata Jalloh + Aba Mfrase-Ewur […]

Electric Love Machine – Pizza Seance

Interview and Photos by Gabe Lugo  If you could requisition one piece of military grade hardware for your band’s personal use, what would it be? John Brady- Military grade butt plugs. Woody– Definitely night vision goggles and grappling hooks. Just imagine the shenanigans we could get into. Steve– I’m thinking a helicopter that I could […]

Met Gala 2015 | Best + Worst Dressed

By Lizz Bruce and Andrea Philbin  Illustrations Alissa Pivaral    The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts the Met Gala or “Met Ball” as fundraising for their costume institute every year. This gala is widely regarded as the “Oscars of fashion” and is the “make it or break it” moment for the “who’s-who” in fashion and […]

A Sandwich, The Sweetest Taboo in Modern Feminist Times

By Gabriella Lacombe At the moment, I and the other most unfortunate of really fortunate souls known as “college students” are taking exams, and finishing all of the projects our professors forgot to assign at any other part of the year. It’s tough knowing that you need to be studying, and also knowing that you’d […]