Month: April 2017

  • Fashion Rant: Cringing Festival Fashion

    Fashion Rant: Cringing Festival Fashion

    By Allison Oberlin Coachella began on April 14th, marking the official beginning to summer festival season as well as a series of shady memes. Among them was an image of Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger, with the caption, “Every girl walking into Coachella like”. This joke really isn’t that funny, because it’s […]

  • Ode to the Paper Magazine

    Ode to the Paper Magazine

    by Allison Oberlin   I’d love to have a seat and spend some time with you With your magical photographs and advice on good Thai food With your thick pages filled with influencers and flare That somehow gets ink on my fingers …. like everywhere For those with men troubles Those who want to have […]

  • Fashion Crush Friday: Grace Coddington

    Fashion Crush Friday: Grace Coddington

    By Allison Oberlin It is high time to acknowledge one of the most inspiring figures in fashion, who serves as the measuring stick for any magazine’s creative director. Grace Coddington or “The Cod” grew up in a small area in the United Kingdom and began her modeling career through a photo contest in Vogue. With […]

  • Plum Dungeon: A Collective Dream Space

    Plum Dungeon: A Collective Dream Space

    By Alyssa Michener Photos by Celeste Fuentes Video by Alyssa Michener, Zephyr Sheedy and Julian McBain With my iPhone flashlight guiding me, I walked through a narrow alley and eventually found my way to a flight of unstable steps that led to the Plum Dungeon venue. When I enter house shows, I am usually met […]

  • Fashion Rant Friday: Vetements

    Fashion Rant Friday: Vetements

    By Cierra Artis This is a tough topic for me to tackle because at one point I was completely enamored by this brand. Like most of us who became part of Vetements’ following (which upon greater reflection is friggin’ huge. Honestly, way too big for a label that is only capable of piggybacking shit off […]

  • Fashion Crush: kpop

    Fashion Crush: kpop

        By Shelby Herndon “Why would you listen to music that you can’t even understand?” is probably the most common phrase I hear when I mention kpop music. Some people simply do not know what it is or do not like the music. Regardless of how you feel about it, kpop and it’s influence […]

  • Throw Your Shit Away: the Minimalist Lifestyle

    Throw Your Shit Away: the Minimalist Lifestyle

    By Ivy Kenton Minimalism is a documentary on Netflix that explores the recently trending minimalist lifestyle. The documentary snakes through the individual stories of Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Millburn, two millennial men known as “the minimalists,” who traded their corporate lives for lives with less substance and more simplicity around 10 years ago. The film […]