Month: March 2019

  • Tight Line

    Tight Line

    A fashion editorial inspired by the power suit-cladded icons of the eighties and nineties. Photographed by Megan Gallagher. Photography: Meagan Gallagher Creative Direction: Kristina Dickey Makeup: Elina Oehlert Models: Katie Bashista and Laminat Kanu Video: Fiona Penn and Jess Som Production Assistant: Grace Hoffman

  • Taking A Renewed Look at Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” Campaign

    Taking A Renewed Look at Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” Campaign

    Toxic masculinity is a problem, but who let Gillette say that in order to sell razors? Words by Ross Atkinson In January, Gillette released its newest ad campaign: “The Best Men Can Be.” Associated with the campaign was a viral advertisement which invited viewers to reevaluate Gillette’s tagline The Best a Man Can Get. The […]

  • I-D, please?

    I-D, please?

    A photoshoot inspired by perceptions and reality. How do we identify when others feel comfortable doing it for us? Zak Goldenwasser   Tessa Chaplin   Jay Melendez   Naomi Tariku   Nico Gavino Shanelle Johnson   Dylan Krinberg   Drew Neal   Colin Lutterloah   Creative Direction by Lordina Nyarko Photography and Editing by Grade […]

  • Review: Goodnight Daniel – Self titled EP

    Review: Goodnight Daniel – Self titled EP

    Richmond guitar trio gets cozy on their debut EP. Brett Jones is a careful man. Listening through this EP by he, bassist Garen Dorsey and drummer Daniel Richardson, you can’t help notice a sense of restraint. A feeling that the group is setting aside more expressive instrumental virtuosity for diligent attention to detail. Every note […]