Written in the Stars: Confessions from the Zodiac Signs

Astrology is a steamy topic, it incites rage from some and passion from others. Personally, I believe in it. It’s a fun, little pastime that allows insight into the behaviors of others. “What’s your big 3?” This question, which could be a wee bit annoying to some, has made it into my process of getting to know anyone new. As an Aries sun, who is always eager to learn about the ones I love, this ritual is essential to making new friends. Is your chart fire and air dominant like mine? Do we both have cardinal risings? Are we compatible, and you’re my new love interest? I simply must know! I wanted to see what others thought about astrology, specifically how they viewed their signs and the ones of others. Featuring the thoughts of VCU students, which I collected through anonymous submissions on our Instagram @ink_magazine, we explore the things written in the stars and how astrology forms the people we are today.