Angel Olsen, Big Time at The National on 2/10/23

AngelOlsenConcert - 1

Angel Olsen took on the National for her “Big Time” album tour, Performing an amalgamation of rock, indie, folk and country sounds.

Photography: LIGHTPAINTERR, Isaiah Mamo

Angel Olsen released “Big Time” in the summer of 2022, following her album “Whole New Mess,” which featured stripped back versions of songs from her 5th album “All Mirrors.” Olsen is truly a genre defying artist, as her discography includes sounds from rock, indie, folk, country and pop. On “Big Time,” Olsen’s country influences are front and center, singing about queer romance.

Opening the night, Erin Rae, a country and folk artist, delivered an amazing acoustic performance. Rae had mentioned working with some of the artists who worked on “Big Time,” with her most recent album, “Lighten Up,” making her pairing with Olsen all the more perfect.

Even though she was touring for “Big Time,” Olsen performed songs from her entire discography, giving the audience a multi-genre experience, and even a cover. Olsen started off with two of her newer songs that lean toward country aesthetics, “Dream Thing” and “Big Time”. Following, she performed “Shut Up Kiss Me” and “Give It Up,” two indie rock songs, both recorded live with her touring band in 2016.  A cover of the 1971 song “Without You” by Harry Nilsson was the perfect closer for the concert, sending the crowd out on a solemn yet grand note.

Set list:
  1. Dream Thing
  2. Big Time
  3. Ghost On
  4. Right Now
  5. Shut Up Kiss Me
  6. Give It Up
  7. All Mirrors
  8. Go Home
  9. Through the Fires
  10. Lark
  11. This Is How It Works
  12. Sister
  13. All the Good Times
  14. Chance
  1. Without You —Harry Nilsson Cover