FUCK SAM DAHMAN: Shooting with Richmond’s Worst

By Jose D’Alta | Online Editor You may not have heard of him, but Sam Dahman has quickly gained some notoriety for being Richmond’s Worst.   What is he the worst of? I have no idea, because the twenty-one year-old photographer’s accomplishments are nothing to laugh at. His style is unusual, provocative, and sensual yet […]

Street Art Is(n’t) Vandalism

Morgan White – @MorganWReport Guest Columnist There are several cultures within art. Each part of art has its own subculture filled with their own motivations, attitudes, and overall goals. To the average man who’s outside of the realm of street art the words are most easily translated as graffiti. However, when asking artists themselves about the […]

INK Speaks to Quirk Gallery

Esther Eom Guest Columnist Quirk Gallery, located on 311 W Broad Street, features exhibitions of innovative work by both established and emerging artists. The Quirk shop offers thoughtfully selected inventory of unique, practical and decorative items. I spoke to Adam Dorland, the shop manager and Mary Fleming, the gallery director about Quirk and what it […]

Film Review: ‘In a World’

Kiara Moore Guest Columnist In a world is a refreshing comedy that explores gender issues through an unexpected and unique perspective- the competitive male-dominated voice acting industry. Lake Bell starred, wrote, and directed this film that centers around an aspiring voice actress, Carol Soloman, who is the daughter of highly revered and talented voice actor, […]

An Interview With The Face Behind @VCUfashion

Esther Eom Guest Columnist I sat down to talk with Kylie Dougherty, a Fashion Merchandising student in VCUarts, about her involvement with VCU Fashion as well as her interests in fashion. As a social media intern, she provides the latest news for the VCU Fashion Department via social networks. After her visit to Italy last […]

Film Review: World’s Greatest Dad

World’s Greatest Dad,  A Review by Kiara Moore World’s Greatest Dad featuring Robin Williams and Daryl Sobara (Spy Kids) is a black comedy that has a lot of heart and deftly balances the absurd and the obscene with poignancy that creates an affecting portrayal of death, family, and idolization of those who pass on. Robin William’s […]