I forgive you, red-rimmed Erin.

When I remember your name, I still feel the foot-shaped bruise on my 9-year old stomach. I remember the muffled tears, the bus hopping, and the huddling in the left 12th row seat. Instead, I’d rather recall our time as sisters, cheek-to-cheek during the 40-minute rides on bus 52.

Humans of RVA: Vol. 2- Herbalicious Yogi

Kathleen Meier is a studying herbalist. Here, she shares her journey in finding herbs and where she wishes her practice to go, as well as voicing her opinions on the rise of herbal medicine in the Western world.

Humans of RVA: Vol. 1- RVA Community Fridge

Meet Taylor Scott, the rockstar behind the RVA community fridge. She led the initiative to put up the first Richmond fridge, and, along with countless fridge volunteers, now has a second one up. Scott walks us through what it means to the Richmond community to have this fridge, and where she hopes it will go.

Richmond’s Graffiti Gentrification: The Underlying Effects of Street Art

When I moved to Richmond two months ago I was amazed by the art that seemed to pop up on every street corner. Everywhere I went, people were spraying murals and messages, like the city was their canvas. Having grown up in suburban neighborhoods, street art was a foreign concept, something only found in a “real” city. I had always associated murals and street art with a symbol of rebellion, the voice of the people who don’t care about the bureaucracy and the rules.

The Reemergence of Vivienne Westwood, and Punk Fashion’s Relevancy in 2020

Vivienne Westwood was known as a style icon, specifically having heavily influenced punk fashion in the ‘70s. She was adored by the youths of the time, those who wanted to rebel against the prim and proper “squareness” associated with rule followers and government supporters and find styles that opposed the wide lapels and flared denim they so ferociously despised.

Who Wants to be a Billionaire

Every person has an ideal amount of money that they aim to make to feel comfortable and live the life they desire. People who throw the word ‘billionaire’ around aren’t using it lightly. Crossing that threshold takes an extreme level of intentionality.

Weekly Roundup

What our staff has been looking at, reading, and thinking about.

Clotheslines: A Practice Unperceived

The whole process defamiliarized the weekly routine of laundry and after some time, the household chore became almost ritualistic and meditative.

Start Some Starters!

Millennials turn to bread baking to keep from boredom- many have turned to sourdough to keep themselves busy during their quarantine. 

Voices of Richmond’s HIV Epidemic at the Valentine

Despite all of these factors, why do many people not know about what it’s like for people with HIV/AIDS today? The new exhibition Voices from Richmond’s Hidden Epidemic at The Valentine tackles this question.