On Women in Photography

Upon doing a Google search for  “greatest photographers of all time,” I found an overwhelming number of websites claiming that their rankings were definitive. Some websites provided lists of over 50 names, while others confidently stated that they could give you the top 5. No matter which website I clicked on, they all had one thing in common–there was an underwhelming number of women listed.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably heard of the AMC series The Walking Dead. With about 200 million viewers in 125 countries, the wildly popular show is best known for unapologetic violence and blood-thirsty zombies. As our world is evolving, so is the one depicted in the series and, on April 12th, AMC will debut the latest spin-off, World Beyond. 

Alfred.’s Newest Project: One Trick Pony

Alfred.’s music has never presented them as apologetic. The Richmond-based artist commands their live shows with a performative confidence that pulls the attention of every audience member.

Playlist: social distancing

Ink staff has put their minds together once again for our longest playlist yet. As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, this eclectic mix is meant to help you through it all. Stay safe.

Weekly Roundup

What our staff has been looking at, reading, and thinking about.

A Look at the Other Side

“The human condition,” typically used to describe the ways in which key situations and events may be made up or predetermined to define who someone may be. To me, this means the decisions one makes along with predetermined factors will make up the identity of a person, and dictate who they are/ who they will be.

Norfolk Hardcore: A Q&A With BATO

Hailing from Norfolk, Va., BATO is a band that has been making waves in the coastal town’s hardcore renaissance. The band consists of singer Chris Taylor, drummer Zach Carson, bass player TJ Latossa and guitarist Jordan “Greeno” Greenough. 

Bold, Beautiful, & Black: Black Designers at NYFW 2020

Lovers of fashion flock to New York every February and September to see the upcoming season’s latest collections. Each year NYFW becomes more of a spectacle, but seemingly overlooks the realm of Black designers and creative directors. In honor of fashion week coinciding with Black History Month, here are four Black designers whose designs are a must-see.

Open Letter Re: Concerns in Craft

The following is an open letter that was written by a group of grad and undergrad Craft and Material Studies students who also posted it throughout the Fine Arts Building (1000 W. Broad St.)