Dahil Sa Iyo


October is Filipino American History Month, and we’re celebrating with a shoot inspired by Filipino karaoke tradition. Dahil Sa Iyo which translates to “Because of You” is a popular Filipino karaoke song and is one of the most widely known love songs in the country. Karaoke is an integral part of Filipino culture which Filipino Americans have kept alive throughout their diaspora. Though the first karaoke machine has been credited to a Japanese inventor in 1975, it’s Filipino inventor, Roberto del Rosario, holds the patent for the 1975 Karaoke Sing Along System. Today, Filipino households both in the motherland and overseas are not complete without a karaoke system in one form or another.  There’s not a birthday, wedding, or any gathering for that matter that goes without a little sing-along. 


Creative direction by Nico Gavino
Photography by Grade Solomon
Styling by Hope Ollivant and Nico Gavino
Makeup by Sophie Nguyen
Production assistance by Jessica Somm and Claire Busby
Models: Archerd Aparejo and Anna Nguyen
With clothing provided by Blue Bones Vintage and Rumors Boutique