Girlhood, the prime era within a girl’s life where she leaves her colorful childhood behind
and enters the in-between phase before the cold reality of adulthood. Girlhood is sleepovers with
friends and playing dress up: experimenting with how she will be perceived by the world.
Girlhood is dancing on the bed to her favorite songs and spinning until she falls down in
laughter. Girlhood is a close, connected bond between her friends as they learn and grow

Girlhood is also overthinking… overthinking about the state of the world outside; about
who she is and who she wants to be; and overthinking the words thrown at her as she tries to
figure it out. She is strong, beautiful, and tired. She is uncertain, confused and overwhelmed…
but she is safe in her bedroom with her friends. Girlhood is a series of photographs that represent
the true melancholic state of growing up as a girl under the weight of the world.

Photography: Selah Pennington

Photography Assistant: Amyna Dawson

Stylist: Kayana Jacobs

Set Design: Rebecca Hearns

Lighting Assistant/BTS: Kobi McCray