Ink Pop-up Show


By Nicolas DeSouza

Photos by Nicolas DeSouza


 “Reality is thin.” – Charlie Ross

Over ten local artists packed the Depot with their artwork in a spontaneous effort to expose VCU students to their creative visions. Among the many facets of this gallery that set itself apart from previous art shows, the magical stylings of Charlie Ross took the crowd by storm. He reminded us that your perception of a seemingly simple act may in fact be a false reality. In doing so, attendees stood in awe and disbelief as Ross made the impossible possible before our eyes.  

Magic was not the only live performance featured that afternoon. Ever find yourself doodling a mustache or some horns on a Snapchat you’re sending to a friend? Well either way, Mario Mejia does and he takes it to a whole new level. Behind the stage stood a television display where Mejia displayed the one of a kind Snapchat art he was working on in real time. If you’re curious as to what Snapchat art may look like, add ohthatbeaner on Snapchat and find out.

This gallery was a fresh reminder that art is not necessarily a painting, sculpture, or photograph, but that art comes in all mediums… even those as outlandish as magic, Snapchat, or an article. This gallery was also the beginning of a series of events that Ink Magazine will be hosting this semester.

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If you missed out on this event, don’t worry! You can check out the featured artwork below.


Authentic, Transformative, Vibrant

Angelique Scott


Identity, Vibrant, Afrocentric

Christina Hairston


Fun, Sharp, Psychedelic

Henry Murray


Surreal, Dreamy, Introspective

Kate Snell


Raw, Rambunctious, Colorful

Kyle Bittenbender


Surreal, Delicate, Lost

Marc Craven


Psychedelic, Simplicity, Surreal

Jered Fykes


Natural, Personal, Emotional

Mario Mejia


Adventurous, Contrasting, Ambient 

Tori Rountree


Expressive, Charismatic, Emotional



Bold, Precise, Relatable

Naya Moore


Camille is Awesome

Camille Mendoza

Although I have chosen not to photograph my presence at the Gallery in this article, if you’re hankering for more artwork you can keep up with my photography here.