Live from the Living Room: with DJ BoyGirl

Written by India Espy-Jones

DJs and Artists takeover Instagram Live to pass the aux, host listening parties, studio sessions, sets, and hangouts–all without leaving the house. COVID-19 self-isolation forces musicians to pin-up their side hustle by cancelling gigs, but their sound is not muted that easy.

Image by @kingoldlife on Instagram for DJ BoyGirl’s first quarantine set

India Espy of Ink Magazine hit up Artist, DJ BoyGirl, to see how she gets Live from the living room when the city’s left dark. 

Ink: How does self-isolation affect you as a DJ?

DJ BoyGirl: I’ve self-isolated the majority of my DJ career. I’d say the only thing this forced isolation has affected is my business, but it’s really something we’re all experiencing. I’m using this time to continue to plan, grow, and execute when this is all over. 

Ink: Would you do listening parties for BoyGirl mixes? 

DJ BoyGirl: Hell yeah. I definitely would! They’d be super exclusive. 

Ink: How does your feel of the audience differ, house show vs. virtual set? 

DJ BoyGirl: [The feel is] completely different. I love real-life interactions, and experiences more than the internet to be honest. Instagram Live is cool, but I don’t think it’s something I could ever get used to.

Ink: What’s on your quarantine playlist?

DJ BoyGirl: A little bit of everything to be honest. It has some lofi music, R&B, healing frequencies, and alternative rap. 

Ink: How do you think IG Live will affect music during quarantine?
DJ BoyGirl: I don’t think [livestream] will affect [music], if anything, people can manipulate and promote music through Instagram.  

Nightlife is locked down. In the tone of a virtual nightclub, the, now popular, isolated house show introduces a new visual for live music–but, will it last? Artists now have to sell exclusively virtual music, with performances who only mimic the real. Sound bumps from behind-the-scenes, unseen without a screen; Even so, Instagram Live has been the plug that reconnects nightlife, even if temporarily, to our disconnected groove. 


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