Meet RVA: Adaora



By: Cecilia Nguyen

This is Adaora, a Fashion Design major at Virginia Commonwealth University. Adaora caught my eye while I was running to my car, hoping not to get towed, and while she was late to class.  Her colorful outfit and complimenting jean jacket demanded my attention, and knew I had to stop her before she slipped away. 

You can find Adaora on Instagram @adorathegemini

What’s something you’ve done recently that has made you happy?

I just found a free TV for my apartment and I just bought an Amazon Firestick for it. Now I can watch TV in my bed.


How do you manage stress?

I do get stressed a lot, especially in the major I’m in. One thing I do to combat that is talk to friends about it; see if there’s this perspective to what I’m dealing with that I haven’t really thought of. I used to get in my head a lot about these issues. I feel like if you take yourself out of the stress and you analyze the issue, you get a clarity of mind, mindfulness, and sometimes if you just take a step back from whatever you’re dealing with and then you get back to it there’s always a solution to the problem.


What’s something you’re into right now?

I am an art student…I like to draw, I like to make clothes. I was into crocheting but sometimes I’m sporadic with my hobbies. Right now I’m into thrifting. My favorite thrift store is Diversity Thrift.