New York Fashion Week: Donna Karen


By Moriah Briscoe, guest columnist

Photos courtesy of Yannis Vlamos,


Donna Karan unquestionably looked to art for her inspiration due to her initial looks, which featured splashes of black on white. These pieces were later followed by others that came from her most traditional influences, such as her trip to Haiti. This influence was apparent as she took on a safari-themed palette of muted oranges, greens and navies as well as the classic khaki.

Throughout the collection, there is a recurring reference to the trench coat. Trenches are not only attributed to the safari, but the mid-40’s when they were originally used as raincoats. We see this referenced as every piece on the runway is made cohesive with a belt, or a cinch at the waist. With this, each look is momentarily fitted to the body where it eventually extends outward.NYFW MORIAH 4

Karan displayed her genius as she paired the primitive safari with the prolific attire from a conservative era, two inspirations that are contradictory. Through the trench coat motif Karan creates a relationship between the different inspirations that otherwise would not be present, thus making this collection nothing less than compelling.


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