Our Weekly Roundup: Burning Holes in Our Brains at Junkyard Raves

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I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started listening to techno music. My friends and I have been haunting local raves and I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost half of my hearing. Pound it through my ears, pound it through my soul, OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ!! My parents are very proud. 


Today, I want to present to you two of the finest selections from “The Rapture,” the kind of band that sounds like sticking a metal fork into the grooviest wall plug you’ve ever seen. Take a dose of “Modern Romance” if you prefer your dance floors hot and heavy, or check out “Get Myself Into It” if you do your best work clad in roller skates.


I recently visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ “The Art of Advertisement” exhibit and became re-obsessed with the art of lithography. It’s a shame that modern day advertisements don’t look like those beautiful 19th century prints anymore.


A friend from home recently showed me a Buddhist podcast. They alternate between 20-minute meditations and regular episodes. 

The only part I love about going to church with my Grandma is the stories. They teach things like kindness and patience. 

This podcast is like the best part of church (stories and lessons) plus beautiful 20-minute meditations that I do every night before I fall asleep. 

Miss Tara Brach has added a lot of peace to my life. 



I’m very cynical about any kind of remake of a show, book, movie, etc that I loved as a child (aka still love) that comes out nowadays. But, despite my reservations, the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” live action show trailer that just came out is giving me so much renewed hope that I’m actually looking forward to the release. I will now binge the entirety of the original before the remake airs. 

Graphics by Hassam Virk