Our Weekly Roundup: One for the Ladies! (and Walker)



I finished rewatching “The Nanny” around a week ago and I literally haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Moschino piano dress she wore as a skirt in the last season like it’s actually so perfect.



Since this semester has decided to overwhelm me with schoolwork, I’ve had to lock in at the library pretty much every day of every week – and to help me focus, I’ve been  listening to a lot of ambience. One of my favorite ambient albums is “New World Disciples” by desert sand feels warm at night. Give it a listen.


I’ve been obsessed with the iconic 2012 album “Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay” by Kreayshawn. The lyrics, the album cover, everything is just 100% campy and c**ty. We miss you Kreay <3333


I’ve been slowly re-entering my Tegan and Sara phase. This week, I’ve had “The Con” on repeat. It’s one of my favorite albums to listen to in the winter and it scratches my itch for angsty, queer girl alt-rock.


Coming fresh out of a situationship, Chappell Roan has been the fuel to my flame lately. “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess: has me on a chokehold, letting me rage and sulk at the same time. “HOT TO GO” and “Casual” are my go-tos. I am planning to spend my hard-earned money to see her in May.

Graphics by Sydney Folsom