Our Weekly Roundup: Philosophical Thoughts and Catwalks



Women who, by their thoughts and insights alone, should be considered philosophers, but who, for various reasons (most succinctly misogyny), are written off as crystal-licking lunatics, or mommy bloggers or otherwise vapid bestseller genre self-helpers. Namely, prolific writer and ex-presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson, Liz Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame, and Glennon Doyle, author of “Untamed.”


I pulled an all-nighter last Sunday trying, and failing, to speed through one of the first video games from my childhood – “Sonic Heroes.” Its design has you rapid-swapping between members in a team of three, like Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, or Shadow, Omega and Rouge. That actually gives the combination of their movesets an opportunity to let the player take different routes in the level, and tackle combat with some personal flair too.

Image courtesy of Sega


I knew Griselda Blanco as “La viuda negra” (The Black Widow) from the telenovela released in 2014. I was so fascinated with Blanco when I was younger, (that novela was not for children) even though a lot of “La viuda negra” was fiction, my older sister would search up and tell me what was true.

After watching the Netflix series with Sofia Vergara, I was mesmerized by the 70’s aesthetic. They gave us a great character arc with humanizing her in the beginning, while also leaving us with the horrific, impulsive, and sinister side of “La Madrina.”

Griselda First Look Photos - Netflix Tudum

Image courtesy of Netflix

Selah:  “Juniore” by Juniore.


This month, as I did last month, and I probably will do next month, I listened to a lot of Phish. I particularly enjoyed their 2000 trip to Fukuoka Japan for a series of shows dubbed “The Island Tour.” The band apparently ran out of “american drugs” and resorted to Japanese magic mushrooms which were legal at the time. If a bunch of mushrooms got together and made an album, this is probably what it would sound like. 

Suong: As the Margiela show captured everybody’s attention in both the fashion world and non-fashion world, we lay our eyes upon the muse of Margiela, Leon Dame. I am absolutely enthralled by his theatrics and he creates such a telling story with his modeling. I honestly feel like Leon’s walk in Margiela’s SS20 show really sparked the dramatism for the modern Margiela. Hands down, John Galliano has been killing the game but my eyes completely focus on Leon as he opens the runway with such hypnotizing movement. Running and abruptly stopping in a halt, bending over in deep heavy breaths then BAM his silhouette slowly unfolds into such a graceful walk really set the tone for the entire show. It is one thing to model for a show but another to embody the show and that is what Leon exactly did. I am excited to see how Margiela and their models set the standard for the future of fashion and leading that is Leon Dame with his cunty walk. 

Ryan: Recently, I have been going through my Tinashe renaissance, my “Tinashessance,” if you will. When her “Songs For Youalbum came out in 2019, I was immediately hooked on all things Tinashe. You may remember her from the X Out commercials that played on TeenNick in 2013 before every episode of “H20: Just Add Water” and “Zoey 101,” which is arguably her greatest piece of work to date. Her most recent project, “BB/ANG3L” has been on repeat all week, specifically the songs “None Of My Business” and “Needs.” Tinashe today… Tinashe tomorrow… Tinashe forever. 

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