Our Weekly Roundup: ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘Fortnite’ and Existential Dread



Fighting to the death, I guess? Making my way through the Hunger Games trilogy for the first time right now and also watching the Squid Game reality spinoff just has me thinking about the ways humans consistently choose violence as a means of remedying existing or preventing future social and political turmoil and the crossover of violence (especially state-sanctioned violence) and entertainment throughout history.

Pollice Verso by Jean-Léon Gérôme


Immortality, the Ninja Turtles and Lego in Fortnite. I rest assured that everything I know will be preserved in every way possible that serves a profit. It’s not that deep, but Fortnite is going to outlive all of us and dwarf whatever version of reality you know – and its whole thing is leaving you in the past. First Epic shutdown Paragon, then Save the World got curbed for Battle Royale, and now Battle Royale is getting the cold shoulder because of Creative.


I have been considering Basquiat’s beginnings as a street artist known as SAMO©



This delicious 6 hour long live Zappa record I somehow only found last week. 


Dallas native dubstep producer HE$H drops his five track “SHOCK THERAPY” EP.

Graphics: Natalie Uhl