Our Weekly Roundup: Virginia Folk and Nathan Fielder


Our staff’s obsessions from this past week!


I’m a Nathan Fielder diehard. The minute his new show “The Curse” started airing on Paramount+, I shelled out $11.99 of my hard earned cash to the subscription service, and have been doing so dutifully every month since. I am enamored with, disgusted by and obsessed with the dark absurdity of the tale the show is weaving about a dysfunctional husband-wife duo going on gentri-terrific escapades through a New Mexico town full of locals who want nothing to do with them.


Courtesy of Paramount+


I’ve been going through my old playlists lately, and I can’t stop listening to the songs “Younger Days” and “Lillian Summer” by Teddy Chipouras. He’s a local Virginia artist who draws inspiration from rock, folk and Americana. I recommend checking him out!

My current obsession is the artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith, aka Strangeling. She does paintings of gothic girls and they’re so cute! I recently got some of her tarot cards and they’re 2 die 4.

Graphics by Sydney Folsom