Use your moon sign as a guide into your post-grad endeavors.

Guided by Jay Roberts

Aries Moon – Depending on your sun sign, your Aries moon may rule your life or come out to play at your dictation. You know who you are and have a low tolerance for those who don’t; making you impulsive about relationships. It’s time for that go with the obscure destination road trip you’ve always wanted to do, but this time invite anyone to come along you may be surprised by who joins and what they teach you on this journey.

Taurus Moon – Your need for certainty has been maintained by the rhythm of the school; you may be feeling more fearful of the future than your peers even if you have something lined up for after graduation. It’s time to soak up the last of your time together with friends and those who have been through it with you. Host a dinner party (good music + low lighting).

Gemini Moon – You’ve probably been able to handle the unexpected college life has thrown at you and adapt easily; keeping your distance from attaching to any certain aspect of being in college. You may find that you’ve been having a hard time accessing that feeling of sentimentality your friends or classmates are, and this may be revealing itself as major FOMO. – Don’t worry, sentimentality will come eventually, you just need to get away from campus to experience it. – It’s time for a week at the beach with your best friends and a good cocktail recipe.

Cancer Moon – You may have had more ups and downs during your college years than others, and stress may have taken tolls on you in unexpected ways. Getting to graduation was definitely a work in progress, but it’s time congratulate yourself and indulge in a spa date to release all that built up stress that got you here.

Leo Moon – Wow! It’s finally over, you have reached the top of the mountain. From this peak, you can see so many opportunities ahead of you, but you may be feeling overwhelmed as to which opportunity to go for. This may make you feel a bit of internal turmoil. It would be so easy to just stay on top of your mountain, but you also know however good this mountain has felt to climb, you’re destined to climb the next mountain in front of you instead of getting too comfortable at the top of this one. So grab your friends and climb one more mountain together (literally) and meditate during the hike up what opportunity to take on next!

Virgo Moon – Hey Virgo moon, you sweet teacher heart, you! Just like your earth moon peers you are probably feeling a bit uneasy about the change coming towards you full speed. But for you, there’s a bit more openness to this change in your reality, in fact, you’re probably craving it. You’re ready for the next steps, and to help others see through their next steps as well, but at this time Virgo, it’s time to not rush the process and attract change towards you. Host a vision board party and help your vision of the future and watch it become tangible before your eyes!

Libra Moon – Okay Libra Moon, you’ve gone back and forth with indecision for YEARS, and you may just now be owning this quality in you to work to your advantage. You’ve always put time, energy, and effort into other people’s lives. Yeah, it’s felt good, but you may be feeling a bit out of balance. It’s time to swing the balance back by putting more energy into your needs. Get that tattoo you’ve been talking about the last four years, apply for that internship, that apartment with the beautiful windows you want, it doesn’t matter just INVEST IN YOU.

Scorpio Moon – Scorpio, honey. We all know you like to lock it down and not let people into your inner world, especially regarding energetic shifts and the way you’ve been feeling. Your intuition may be to hide and hunker down to escape change, and big emotions. You may have even been questioning whether or not you want to go after things, or if it would be easier to just quit, right? Then you wouldn’t have to deal with all this! But come on Scorpio, it’s time to get real with yourself: you began this college adventure for a reason, and it’s time to open to the experience with big welcoming arms. So to ease your angst, grab some friends and go inner tubing down the James with a PBR and a waterproof camera for sentimental memories later, trust me you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Sagittarius Moon – Okay okay alright! We know you already have 10 different graduation party invites on your plate, and how can you deny any single one of them your presence? But in the midst of all the hullabaloo of graduation season it’s important to reminisce with those closest to you and host a party under your design, – especially one that is fun and unique (just like you). So host a comedy night (rent a mic and make a ‘stage’ space in your apartment) and get your friends over to tell their funniest stories!

Capricorn Moon – You already know what you’re doing after graduation, and are probably popping into your routine friend’s home at some point later in the evening. With everything going on, practicing gratitude would be helpful for you right now. Spend some time writing thank-you cards to all the people who’ve supported you through these years of your life, and then invite them over for a couple of drinks. You can pass out your letters at the end of the night without making it into a big deal, and your friends will surely cherish your vulnerability.

Aquarius Moon – We all know you guys need your space and enjoy giving others space to clarify their desires as well. You may be going straight to your favorite coping mechanism during this time: emotional detachment and an unconventional perspective on the whole social stigma of graduation, and degrees in general! You’ve probably made a few tweets about the systematic issues of University throughout your college years yourself! Many of your friends may be reaching out more often, wanting to connect and be with you especially if you’ll be parting ways. You may feel overwhelmed by this, and need more alone time than ever to the cess of all of the things going on in your own life, let alone your friends. It is very important that you tell your friends, with compassion, that you may need more alone time to process but it’s also important to not retreat completely. Find a way to merge the two sides of your personality by taking your friends out for a time-limited event, like a burlesque show!

Pisces Moon – You’re probably tearing up just thinking about graduation, all your friends getting their diplomas, waving to your family, and all the sentimentality in the event. You of all the moon signs are struggling the most with the potential loss of relationships graduation brings. You may have participated in a few codependent relationships or friendships through your college years, but this is a great time for practicing autonomy. Attend a few parties, go out to events, but also give yourself time to be alone. Cook yourself a decadent meal, give yourself a technology detox day, or go for a massage!