Sacred Garden

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Lotus how you bloom 

So sacred in your garden

May you bloom with peace

In the story of the White Snake, a deity transformed into a human and discovered the profound emotions of love. But, their romance was interrupted by the skepticism of a monk named Fahai, who insisted she was not human, but a devil snake in disguise. This heartbreaking revelation of her true nature led to the death of her loved one. 

Courageously, the White Snake ascended to the Heavens, determined to secure a magical root to revive her lost love. The reunion with her husband was a moment of still, pure, unbridled emotion. His declaration, “Human or not, I will love you always,” resonates with a love that surpasses the boundaries of the mortal and divine. While there are multiple renditions, the one that resonates with me the most is the imprisonment after expressing their love. The paradox of a monk – representing humanity – stripping away the humanity of a deity.

Much like the lotus, we see rebirth and purity of unconventional love. Just like the lotus, a flower that grows in muddy waters, the White Snake’s love grows and nurtures in an unfortunate environment. Sacred Garden is an ode to her humanity and the love she holds.

Creative Director: Suong Han

Stylist: Suong Han

Photography: Amyna Dawson

Lighting Assistant: Kobi McCray

Makeup Artist: Cassidy Arrieta

Dress: Bittersweet Boutique