Stock Photography: Dinner Time

Angry Fists Grab a Jelly Cake

Businessman in Rubber Gloves Cuts up Luncheon Loaf


Businessman in Rubber Gloves Cuts a Luncheon Loaf Meal While Being Drilled


Anger Ensues with Meat Cleaver Before Party Begins


Person is Happy to Be Eating a Jelly Cake


Angry Fists Grab a Jelly Cake


Family Members Check to See What Is on TV


Person Holding Egg with a Spoon


Person Cutting into a Fresh Egg Meal


Person Pouring Milk


Person About to Enjoy a Delicious Meal


Person Grating Sponge


Person Sitting at Table with Pea and Sponge Meal


Individuals Gather Around a Table with Meal of Peas and Sponge


Businessman Serves a Luncheon Loaf Meal


Thankful Family Gathers Around Table to Serve Each Other Dinner



Photography by Becca Schwartz. Creative Direction by Hannah Van Buskirk and Grace Hoffman. Production assisted by Scarly Zhao and Leah Dickshinski. Models: Willy Anderson, Lacy Johnson, Olivia Lewis, and Nix Shizheng Ni.