Sporty Spice: Sportswear Goes Beyond the Street

By Jessica Morgan, guest columnist The evolution of sports luxe fashion has possibly hit a peak since surfacing a few years ago.   For 2014, minimalism and luxury are key concepts of this trend. The industries of luxury fashion and sportswear are merging, especially in the form of footwear. Collaborations with designers like Jeremy Scott, […]

Heavy Metal in the Runways

By Jessica Morgan, guest columnist   Sure, everything that glitters isn’t gold, some things are silver, bronze, and even iridescent. However, one thing is for sure: it’s all GLAMOROUS. The idea that metallics are tacky or strictly for evening and New Years parties is nothing more than a fashion myth, much like “No white after […]

Go Floral: The Efflorescence of Men’s Florals

By Shaun Jackson, guest columnist     While florals aren’t exactly a “new” trend (insert Devil Wears Prada quote here), an upsurgence of florals for men reaffirms the trend is alive and well, slowly turning over a new leaf for men’s fashion everywhere. Atypical from your average garden party, the floral movement for men is […]

An Interview With Iconique

Myriah McReynolds Guest Columnist Many street brands have found their way onto VCU’s diverse and dynamic campus. With fresh street brand designs gripping the silhouettes of many of VCU’s young and determined students fashion is constantly shifting and bringing individuality to the trends on campus. Many students have found their passion in creating clothing for […]

Style Gurus on the internet

Pooja Bhaskar Fashion Columnist A part of what makes VCU stand out from other colleges is our unique sense of style. Students from all over come together into one giant melting pot of trends with their each special flavor. Everyday, students all across campus step out in their best outfits and what better way to […]