Clotheslines: A Practice Unperceived

The whole process defamiliarized the weekly routine of laundry and after some time, the household chore became almost ritualistic and meditative.


Pride was celebrated all over Virginia this previous weekend, so I decided to head on over to Brown’s Island to scout out Richmond’s best Pride outfits.

Review: Goodnight Daniel – Self titled EP

Richmond guitar trio gets cozy on their debut EP. Brett Jones is a careful man. Listening through this EP by he, bassist Garen Dorsey and drummer Daniel Richardson, you can’t help notice a sense of restraint. A feeling that the group is setting aside more expressive instrumental virtuosity for diligent attention to detail. Every note […]

Show Me A Sign: Talking to Shy Lennox About His New Visual

Shy Inspires Us to Stay Cautious About Love This Valentine’s Day Words and Interview by Ross Atkinson Last September, Shy Lennox released his 2018 EP Audition. Ink interviewed him in November about the EP, but today, Shy has come back to the project with a new visual for his hit single Signs. The video beautifully […]

Bedside Table Cartography

Ink Staff member Paige Fehn illustrates bedside tables and allows you to consider their function. A Note From the Artist: When I moved into my apartment for the school year at the end of summer and unpacked all the items of my life (not a lot). Most of it was thrifted or given to me, […]

Unwrapping FOIL: A Platform for Anything Experimental

FOIL is a new community of musicians and artists in Richmond aiming to create a platform for experimentation by like-minded folks. Words and Photos by Sam Mullany “We wanted to give people a place—sometimes physical and sometimes digital—to try new things and feel supported in doing so,” explains Liza Pittard, the co-creator of FOIL. Liza […]

An Audition With Shy Lennox

Ink staff member Kaelan Brown sat down with Richmond’s soul child, Shy Lennox, and discussed the in’s and out’s of his new EP, “Audition”. Under the fluorescent colored lights of Flora Cafe, Shy Lennox is a ribbon. He’s running between his friends and his band, tying the final pieces together for a night he’s been […]

The Living Room

Ink staff member Cali Carter sat down with VCU alum Aaron Brown who, alongside Air Force Vet Jacob Fonseca, runs emerging community space “The Living Room” to talk music, art, plants, and demons.   What is The Living Room? The living room is a plant boutique, so we curate different plants that we think are […]

Dependency with Eman El Saied

By Julia Block Like most college students, Eman El Saied is afraid of dependency. However, instead of ghosting after the third date or never responding to that text, El Saied decided to confront the issue at hand with a gender bending fashion shoot. “This series was inspired by my fear of dependency. Maybe “co-dependency” is […]

A Sanctuary for Animals– Coming to Richmond

By Sarah Thaw Photos by Celeste Fuentes Last year, 4.6 billion farm animals were slaughtered for human consumption. To facilitate this demand, animals are deprived of their right to a natural life and instead treated as commodities, going through a process of birth and death as fast and efficiently as possible. Like any other large-scale […]

A Safe Haven For Smooth Jazz

By Leah Dickshinski “Ipanema,” for those unacquainted with Richmond’s vegan scene, might evoke the smooth crooning of Saint Sinatra… Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking and when she passes, each one she passes goes ah… An apt name, it is easy enough to imagine that velvet voice wrap and […]

Manchester Manifestival Embodies the Richmond Community

By Brianna Scott Photos by High Beams, Boominviisuals, Kadeem Morris and Alex Gwynn Autumn rages on in Virginia and brings us temperamental weather and a wave of special events. The city of Richmond is known for its rich history, lively local music scene, captivating art, and appetizing food. The community engagement here is strong between various […]