Medium Roast Ep.4: Lighting

Ross and Carlos recently sat down with friend and collaborator Ethan Weiser, a Richmond-based lighting designer whose work involves programming and designing stage productions for popular Richmond venues such as The Broadberry and works diligently in event production through the group Playdate Productions.

Medium Roast Ep.3: The Art of DJing with DJ BoyGirl

In this episode Ink Magazine’s Carlos And Ross discuss the art of DJing with Richmond’s own DJ Boygirl. The conversation touches on the history of DJing, issues that can arise from the art form, and the topic of whether or not curation itself can be considered a complete form of artistic expression.

Medium Roast Ep. 2: Video Games and Art

This month, Medium Roast hosts Ross and Carlos discuss an art medium they have experience in: Video Games. We discuss games and contrast titles meant to be pure entertainment with those seeking to invoke more complex responses from the audience. Where do video games fit in the art world, and are they products of pure entertainment, or can this medium invoke more than that?

Some Things Last a Long Time, Daniel Johnston is Proof.

I spent a lot of time this summer sitting on my friend’s porch and listening to music. I was caught off-guard by a song he had added to the playlist. The quality of the recording wasn’t very good, the singer had a strange high-pitched voice, and there were very audible mistakes throughout the recording, but there was something about it that just stopped me in my tracks.