The “Cool Dad” Revolution


If you need inspiration for an outfit, call your dad or just steal from his closet.

The “normcore” look, previously reserved for middle-aged dads, is trickling up to high-end fashion designers including Dior, Balenciaga, and Gucci.  What started out as rocking dad hats has now transformed into young adults wearing entire ensembles inspired by fathers from around the world.

What exactly is the “cool dad” trend? you may ask. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Hawaiian shirts, polos, Wrangler jeans, and, of course, the dad shoe. The chunky sneaker trend has become one of the hottest looks of 2018. So hot, in fact, that fashion innovators have revived the infamous early-aughts staple: Skechers.

This is the effect of what I call the “Cool Dad Revolution.” Like father, like son or like father, like everyone.

The next time your dad goes shopping, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to tag along. Not only is he a role model in your life; now, he is a fashion icon.

Words by Jerrell Funtila
Model: Brandon Jones 
Photography and Styling: Jerrell Funtila