The Sweetest Thing


In this project, I study what it means to be “sweet.” This is a word I’ve been described as many times in my life. What does it mean to be sweet? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can you be too sweet? To study this, I arranged a display of “sweet” objects innocently outside, doused in honey, candy, and other confections. Then I waited. The results are photographed below, paired with a poem I wrote.

She’s so sweet she’ll rot your teeth

Lick the spoon

Bite the candy

The sweetest things are oh so dandy

The honey sticks and clings beneath

Transforming the shiny porcelain teeth

They begin to stain and bruise and decay

Rotting away from the sweetness of the day

The ants come marching to have a bite

The flies are swarming for an afternoon delight

They divide and share the candied remains

Buried in the molars and gummy membranes

Isn’t it the sweetest thing?