Virgo season brings a time of planning, organizing, and earthly energy, which draws us back to earth after Leo season.

Leo season is the season of ego boosts, and self-confidence. So, for some of us, the fall back to earth can feel like a hard kerplunk, or a welcome return to the familiar. Either way, Virgo asks us to look at the tangible, the actions we can take to make a goal a reality, or what we can do to better care for ourselves. 

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, which is also home to Gemini. Virgo and Gemini season bring about similar energies of intellect and communication. For some people, they can feel like they are lit up on the inside, every synopsis firing as they plan and prepare for future successes. For others, this can be a time of internal blocks or a period of slow-release. Either way, coping with what the season gifts to you is paramount, as Virgo season coincides with the beginning of the school year. 

Here are some practical self-care remedies to soothe you back into the school year grind based on your sun sign. 


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Aries ~ You and Virgo have a lot in common, in that both of you want to see yourself and others succeed. Where you and Virgo differ is the pedagogy of motivation and leadership the two of you use. Virgo season has set you ablaze. You may feel like your chi is on a rampage, flooding your adrenals, making you feel incapable of stopping or relaxing. Everything you engage in is masked by this fire. This can result in you plunging face first into all kinds of projects without checking to see if these activities are life-giving or life-taking. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Your excess of energy needs to go somewhere. However, now is a time to learn to sculpt it to benefit you. Stop and ask yourself, either before beginning an activity, or after one has finished: Will this activity fill me up? Will it go towards a larger goal I have? If not, reconsider pouring your energy into it. Otherwise, come Libra season you will feel the zap on your power and wonder…Where did it all go? 


Taurus ~ Virgo season, a complimentary time for you. Your reasoning, and desire for thoughtful and organized experiences is coming easily for you. Others seem to be more responsive and attuned to your way of operating in the world. 

You and Virgo are fellow earth signs, however, Virgos and Taurus don’t actually have much in common. Tauruses, being a fixed sign, means that under Virgo you can lock into expectations for yourself that border on the impossible. When these expectations aren’t met, it may throw you into a tailspin of self-sabotage. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Give yourself a break! Plan for things in bite size pieces and celebrate yourself even when you fail, because you can’t fail when you’re taking action towards a goal.  


Gemini ~ Gemini you don’t have any problem saying “yes and” to opportunity, or seeing the duality in life. And yet, Virgo season seems to have asked you to re-negotiate some of your choices. For Geminis, this season is an excellent time for self-reflection and potential pivoting. It’s not quite a period of rest, as there is undoubtedly some internal upheaval happening. You may find yourself questioning and intellectualizing your past, meticulously categorizing it. It’s almost like you can’t finish the puzzle even though all the pieces are in front of you. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Take a step back. You don’t have to have an answer to everything right now, and it doesn’t all have to be correctly filed away. Wrestling with something for a while is needed every now and then to enthusiastically say yes or no. It can take time for answers to questions to develop. In the meantime, make no big decisions that would alter your goals or routine. Now is not the time to end a relationship or start a new fitness journey. 


Cancer ~ In many ways, Virgo season compliments your energy. Similar to that of Tauruses. Virgos and Cancers share many of the emotionally intuitive traits, such as protective instincts or agency in emotional climates. Under the Virgo sun, y’all are out here thriving, playing the game and setting your sights on some distant star. Y’all are itching for a level-up! 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Recognize and take ownership over your individuality! Since it’s a season of powering, looking at all the unique and special contrast you bring into the world. It can give you unique insight into where to focus your attention. This is not advocating for you to play the comparison game, but for you to recognize yourself separately from the world. 


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Leo ~ Wait isn’t it always Leo season? Since Leo’s energy is congruent with the sun, which is still present in our lives, this argument has a truth to it. But, as the sun has fallen into Virgo, the brightness of your ego-boosting decisions can smack you in the face. That birthday vacation is taking its toll on your bank account, and that night you declared you were in love, might not feel so shiny and new anymore. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Instead of kicking yourself, ask yourself to show up for new commitments from the perspective of your inner-child. How would they see your choices, and what would they feel about it? What does this teach you? 


Virgo ~ Happy Birthday Virgo angel! I hope you are allowing yourself to feel the hum of the unique energy of Virgo season. Since you bring this type of power to the table all year, it’s essential to remind you of how planning isn’t actually taking action. It’s okay when things don’t go as planned, or if you don’t complete something 100%. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Affirm who you are, what you will do, and all that you are. Accepting yourself and trusting in your abilities is one of the greatest acts of self-care you can do. Take some time to write down your future goals in the present tense. Describe to yourself the way you feel when you engage your innate knowing. You are successful, now and in the future. 


Libra ~ Libra your season is right around the corner! Virgo season can be an exciting time for you, as it asks you to stick to your commitments. Self-care isn’t all bubble baths, face masks, or buying new clothes. Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting your well-being and happiness, particularly during periods of stress. 

A self-care remedy for you this season:  Nourish relationships that nourish yourself. If you have something scheduled, like coffee with a friend, do not reschedule. If you have a friend who needs some cheering up, commit some time to their nourishment. 


Scorpio ~ Scorpios are often personified by their dark and brooding nature and this is due to Scorpio’s comfortability sitting in on the harder parts of life. They have a high fear-tolerance and operate well with the intangible or primordial aspects of human nature. It’s as if their brains work best when the lights are off, and they capture the abstract idea of something tangible. The Virgo sun for you, Scorpio, feels akin to that of turning on the light for just a moment, as you look for something specific.  

A self-care remedy for you this season: Define your needs, and then respectively or lovingly communicate them. The “thing” you’re searching for is a concrete definition of your needs. It’s not about the thing, it never was. It’s about your relationship with the thing. It’s about your beliefs about the thing; that is where transformation lives.


Sagittarius ~ Similar to your fire siblings, you’re being brought an essence of too much energy, regret, and decision fatigue. Virgo season asks you to slow your roll on projects both at work and at home. You may be finding yourself questioning all kinds of past decisions and how and or why you made them! Just like Gemini, this is a season of self-reflection and potential change. However, instead of being introspective, you’re going to need the support of others.

A self-care remedy for you this season: Unlike Gemini, who needs more time alone during Virgo season, you need the opposite: external support. You often make choices independent from other people, which is typically a fantastic way of getting things done. However, during this season, Virgo is asking you to make decisions about parts of your life that are a bit muddy and unclear. Seek support during this season, and you will be surprised by the clarity you receive from seeking another perspective. 


Capricorn ~ Capricorn, we know how hard you work for everything you want in life. Virgo season can amplify your already intense work ethic. Obsessing over your successes has led you to come so far, and achieve so much. Sometimes to a point where you over or under indulge your physical needs. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Set boundaries with yourself from your default reaction. Let go of trying to be “perfect” in every role you take on. Allow yourself to make a different and mindful choice. Let go of trying to be perfect in every task you take on. Here’s the big secret perfectionism doesn’t want you to know: It’s not an admirable trait! 


Aquarius ~ You, of all people can see the world from an extremely high vantage point. Flighty, willful, and capable, you can see all kinds of attitudes, perceptions, and ideas as though you are simultaneously looking through a telescope and a microscope. Under Virgo sun, the light may be warping your perception of reality. Your critical intellectual air energy does not mix well beneath the intuitive earthly gaze of Virgo. As she asks you to take action, you may find yourself prone to looking at the bad, the ugly, and the just plain frustrating.

It may seem especially frustrating to you to see people planning and organizing their future. When, to you, the world at large needs so much fixing. Complaining and sighing more than usual, feeling a need to shake all your friends and say, “What’s wrong with you! Can’t you see the world is in trouble?” Aquarius, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the intense amount of “bad” in the world. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Find things to be grateful for every day! Make a list, write it down, and feel the gratitude. When you spend your time focusing on the negative, you will begin to train your brain to see more and more negative, and as a result, less and less favorable! The world isn’t perfect, but it’s not that bad. Don’t let your mind fall into the trap of confirmation bias!


Pisces ~ As the eldest zodiac sign, you were born with the innate knowledge that life can be beautiful, and that you have the freedom to explore it. Your selfless and mutable nature is receiving a hard reality check this season, which serves as a reminder that not everyone operates under the same philosophy about life. People are probably not as responsive to your fairy-like nature, and you may be asked to push aside your preferences in favor of hardbound rules or structure. You may even find yourself favoring routine over illusions of what could be! 

This season is certainly not going to be an easy one for you, Pisces. But not to fear, this does not mean your energy has no place or purpose in the world. 

A self-care remedy for you this season: Stand in your power. Do not get sidetracked by a push to be someone you’re not! Spend time alone, make something with your hands, write down a list of affirmations. 


A side note about self-care from the writer: 

Self-care is an ever-evolving practice that involves prioritizing five main areas of our lives: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social, in a way that respects ourselves and others. “Self-care” in our culture is an umbrella term to refer to many tools a person can use in response to stress. 

Self-care is complex and manifests differently from individual to individual. At its core, self-care is a way to respect yourself, your person, and your relationships. The way to care for yourself is best known when you take the time to understand who you are and what your needs are. 


This article hopes to provide you with the guidance to engage in self-care practices based on the astrological system of zodiacs, planet placements, houses, and aspects. Although Jay does practice and study astrology, she in no way claims expert on mental health. Nor does this article claim to know what is best for each individual person, and acknowledges that this serves as a broad generalization of free support. 

What Jay does advocate for is finding ways to ease yourself into the semester, and to explore ways to protect your time, energy, and light.

Guided by Jay Roberts