Weekly Roundup


Ross Atkinson: 

I’ve been listening almost explicitly to one of my favorites, Russian electronic artist Kedr Livanskiy, this week while studying. Check her out!!!!!! 


Cole Clark:

Prosthetics as wearable art, and how it can help boost an amputee’s self-esteem! https://www.freethink.com/articles/prosthetic-leg-covers



Someone may have added this before, but Are.na is a cool bookmarking site- very simple design and easy to use



Alternatively funny, beautiful, and puzzling, the Instagram account @househunters_screens really has something for everyone. It’s interesting to see how strange a pretty formulaic show like House Hunters can become without context. 



I bought a tote bag repurposed from a rice sack from the Philippines. 



This video and the whole youtube channel which offers a series of waking sleeping bunnies up w/ varies foods/items. 





A small Korean high-fashion brand that I’m in love with at the moment.



The latest video from the Nowness My Place series. It’s a whole series about people’s houses and what they have in them. 



“This is Water,” a college commencement speech by writer David Foster Wallace is absolutely brilliant. Life lessons, I am telling you. 

Graphic by Archerd