Weekly Roundup



I’m learning French and am finding it very funny to see all the words I’ve seen and heard in life be pronounced how they were meant to be… like ensemble, bureau, eau d’…, cafe au lait, etc. It’s all French! In case you want to know, potato is pomme de terre, which to me looks like apple of the earth/dirt.


Been obsessed with this song recently. 

Always See Your Face — Love



Virginia Woolf’s writing has really caught my attention this week. I love the way she uses nuance to entice and further a greater thesis of intentional observation, through works like the “Death of the Moth.” Give the piece a try, it might click, it might not. 



I love what Judith is wearing in “Judith Beheading Holofernes” by Caravaggio (1598-99).

I would like to wear it. 


Good Morning – $10

In love with this song at the moment, the rapid guitars and the high level of percussion really has me.



Saw Sick Semper at the Camel as part of their local series, they’re a fun lil indie rock/emo-ish band. Check em out on bandcamp, spotify



This is a really cool short story that starts with a guy who decides he wants to swim in every one of his neighbors pools on his way home. There is a film adaptation that looks good too. 



My friend Kristi and I collaborated on a design made for spray-painted media based off the protest poster–Yellow Peril Supports Black Power.  The poster was seen in a 1969 rally supporting political activist and co-founder of the Black Panther Party, Huey Newton.

Graphic by Sean Keonte