Weekly Roundup


nico g.:

 Babyxsosa’s new track is a hit that sticks like grits and perfect for Valentine’s Day! 



Here’s some excellent street photography by Vivian Maier



Nico F:

This is a super interesting article about people who are both visual synesthetes, but also colorblind. Turns out colorblind synesthetes can still see colors they can’t see with their eyes!



I’m really excited to go see Working Together, the new exhibition at the VMFA. Glad to see more black photographic representation past the tiny 3rd floor gallery… I know it was in the works, but I’m glad it’s finally here and that I’ll see it up. – Free to view through June 14th in the Evans Court Gallery (past the tapestries + Kehinde Wiley’s painting)



I recently watched this movie again, I would recommend if you’re interested in skate culture in the ‘90s.


I’ve been searching for a journal with this kind of graph paper. Also, that pen looks really nice.

Graphic by Claire Evans