Weekly Roundup



Social distancing day: ?

Have not yet found myself.






Everytime I watch an episode of Spongebob I also do a painting of him in my sketchbook. So far I have painted 20 spongebobs. Highly recommend to anyone looking how to integrate art into their new daily routines. 



Here are some moments- when break was extended and classes went online, when I found out that I now graduate in December, when I am inside for more than a day I picture this outside

Nico F:

I’m a big fan of Stereogum’s The Number Ones column, where one guy reviews every #1 song from Billboard’s charts. He’s up to 1980 right now – I’d recommend searching for specific favorite songs from years prior, reading from the latest updates, or, if you’re really into music history, or just really bored, reading the whole backlog.


Lofi music has gotten me through this first week of online classes :,)


Graphic by Archerd