Weekly Roundup





Daniel Chow: 

“You know the 90th most popular dog name? Oreo.”


A photo/print magazine site that is fun to scroll around on.



Aamina Palmer: 

Techy art is me now.

Cool artist- Ted Whitaker

Also, Edward Burtynsky’s Manufactured Landscapes has entered my life twice now. (and this)



Jess S:   Try Hard Fool- The Growlers 

If you are feeling happy, content, sad, in a rut, stressed out, feeling any emotions at all, have a listen to this song! Good things will happen, and hard times will pass! “You gotta laugh every once in a while.” :) 



“Ralph Lauren Releases a Rachel Green Collection”




SCIFY’s third season of Van Helsing is available on Netflix and I finished the whole thing over the weekend. If you’re a fan – Sam’s character comes full circle and it’s so epic – all my evil vampire dreams came true. 



A music video that I love for Tirzah’s “I’m Not Dancing.” I have been listening to Tirzah a lot lately, and while this is a fun dance song, I recommend everyone listen to her album Devotion which is a beautiful and intimate piece. 



Slow dancing in the dark – Joji



School of Life – Youtube Channel

Quick and easy to follow life lessons on the philosophy of life and all things human. Paired with cute animations, these videos will have you interested for hours. 




birds don’t sing- tv girl



Raveena ft. Hope Tala – Floating 

This is my favorite track from Raveena’s recent album “Lucid Dreams.” Raveena’s tracks are to help discover one’s unique self. The track has a different dynamic and has a very melodic, but spiritual sound. Raveena stands out to me because she is able to represent many minorities that are afraid to artistically express themselves or feel confined to a certain group.



I found this Instagram for a shop called Commodity Fetish in Southside Richmond that sells beautiful vintage mid-century furniture and art. 

(if too specific to Richmond)

Esme’s Drawer Too is an online shop for vintage clothes curated combining classic and eclectic pieces. She sells a lot of pieces in delicate sheer silks, 80’s bustiers and cool one-of-a-kind purses.



Wanderland by Kelis

An album I’ve been re-listening to. It just got put on streaming services!!

Luke Campbell:


One of my very favorite photo books. 

“Against a backdrop of ecological decline, this memoir/travelogue follows an itinerant theatrical troupe, Truppe Fledermaus, as they stage absurdist performances in various locations including Europe, America, and Japan. In these performances the Truppe are as apt to commemorate the passing of an unusual cloud as they are to be found documenting their own attempts to flee the rising waters of a warming planet or using black humor to comment on the extinction of bats and other animals.”


Claire Busby:

I’ve been listening to this song a lot recently

Also a post I love




two Instagram profiles inspiring me 

@toucheconomy is a profile hosted by a russian young woman who creatively plays with delicate textures and shapes using her own hair, plants, wax, and produce. so creative so precious 

@sighswoon is a meme page centered around mental health, clarity, self-love, and spiritualism, good heart-melting memes to connect you with your higher self 


Nico Gavino: 

Charli XCX’s new album, “Charli” has been on repeat for me all week! My top 4 songs are Next Level Charli, Click, Official, and Gone.


Kaelan Brown:

Here’s a video about Krink paint pens out of NYC! 

Here’s a video by The New York Times about where all of Bob Ross’ paintings went! 

Here’s an article about the best Dance Music of this Month!

Here’s a poem by Kevin Young inspired by Cassius Clay by Basquiat! 

I’m pretty!

I shook up

the world! Clay shouts

to the announcer

after trouncing

Sonny Liston—

the next day he

will turn Ali.


bee—none stung

or swole carpet-red

as the paint B covered

this canvas, drawing

blood—not even Cassius

called out his name.

Refusing to recognize

Allah—like Terrell

or fool Floyd Patterson—

will get you a new haircut,

whether you want one

or not. How

he hounds [End Page 294]

Liston, waving

his prize belt—

a noose for Sonny’s ex-

con neck. Petty crook.

Ali just bout serves

time himself

—title stripped

like paint

—Army taking away

his right to fight

when he won’t fight

them Viet Cong

who’ve done him

nothing wrong.

Houston, we gots

a problem—will not

bow or stand

when his no-longer-

name the Draft

Board calls. Lords

over Liston

—Get up, you bum!

—who will fall to a phantom

punch 1st rd, forget

to get up. (Died,

Liston did, five

years later, in Vegas,

the needle in

his arm, the neon.)

Ali, now he could hit you [End Page 295]

into next year—

but apart from the flogging,

his flaunting, were the taunts

challengers heard ringing

Uncle Tom! Come on

Come on White America!

even above the ten count

& crowd—his undented smile—

that smarts still.



The Idiot  by Elif Batuman

I reread this at the beginning of the school year because it’s such a perfect representation of being confused as a college student and it’s also beautifully written. 



New Rex Orange County song was so catchy, been listening to it on repeat 



I fell upon this artist on Instagram that I have really been enjoying lately.



Hannah Van Buskirk:

Rachel Antonoff’s Fall 2019 Collection

 I’m a slut for cowprint!


Crumb’s new album! Especially  this song, which was released as a single a couple months ago



Passionflower! This plant is not only breathtaking but also has incredible healing properties:



Daniel Lee’s collection for Bottega Veneta Spring 2020, he never disappoints.




The Queen we should all aspire to be – Pia Klemp



Lil Uzi Vert once again proving he is the most lovable rapper 

Graphic by Archerd