Weekly Roundup



Korean-American electronic artist, Yaeji’s new project, WHAT WE DREW! 



I really enjoy therochellefish on Youtube. She and her friend Joelle run a publication called Clubscence Chatroom and produce a podcast for it that discusses art, design, sustainability, and typically their lives as recent Design grads in Australia. Here’s the most recent episode:



I’ve been rereading a book of poems called “Love is a Dog From Hell” by Charles Bukowski. He writes of the aching loneliness of unrequited love and the desperate longing of humans needing each other. 



I’ve been learning guitar from a guy named Marty on YouTube. My fingers hurt. 



Bento Harassment. A movie about a mother annoying her daughter by making her character bento lunches. I watched this some time over winter break and it’s definitely one of my favorite movies. Here’s the trailer.


Graphic by Archerd