Weekly Roundup



This song by Lali Puna has been inspiring me, and I love the video 



Chantal Akerman’s TV movie, Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 60’s in Brussels has become one of my favorites. It’s only one hour long, and it’s really sweet. 




I’m nannying a four-year-old right now and every day we listen to CAN’T STOP THE FEELING from the Trolls movie. I have a love, hate relationship with the song because it really does make you want to get up and dance but it’s so damn annoying. 



Wrapping up my last semester of Undergrad, I’m really glad Ink needed a Web Manager who could wrangle the devil that is WordPress… it’s been a great Senior year. Thanks for having me. I’ll probably be posting things for a bit more, so no need to sob. Anyway, go check out the GDES senior show (support the department I would have double-majored in but that would have killed me): https://vcugdes-seniorshow.net/


Graphic by Archerd