Weekly Roundup


Jay Roberts:

This is a throwback but I’ve been re-watching Scrubs available on Hulu – It’s mostly just to appreciate the relationship between J.D & Turk 


Aamina Palmer:

This funny thing you can buy, searching this, and sleeping in… at some point. 



One of my friends just showed me this website dedicated to photos of mirrors for sale on craigslist

Jess Som: 

King Princess’s New Album! Have a listen! 


Sean Keonté:

I know that this is from 2017 but I’d like to dedicate my spot to http://batheinmymilk.com/ 🎃



Toro y Moi just dropped an album that I’ve been listening to nonstop all week.



As it’s Halloween, recently become re-obsessed with American Psycho and Patrick Bateman. Here are some of his iconic images. 


MiJin Cho:

Halloween always makes me turn to crime shows on Netflix. An oldie that I recently found is Dexter, a show about a psychopath forensic blood specialist who murders criminals. It’s fascinating.


Megan Thee Stallion produced a horror series called Hottieween! The energy of it is very Brenda Meeks from the Scary Movie franchise. You can watch the episodes on Youtube! 


Claire Evan: 

I’ve had the opening song from Donnie Darko on loop this week, happy halloween friends! 


Luke Campbell:

Stuff You Should Know podcast about how we are running out of sand.


Issa Atrash:

AOC going after Mark Zuckerberg is fun to watch


Melody Nguyen:

Sadly, Halloween is over, but my favorite Halloween movie of all time is: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The budget for the 70’s movie was $140,000 and made $30,000,000 at the box office!

Graphic by Melody Nguyen