Genre Wars

Brandon Geib Guest Columnist Lets have a fight. That is the mentality that a lot of the punk culture (and those derivatives that have come from it) has come to these days. Now this might not be a fistfight but there is definitely a fair share of negativity in an environment that focuses so much […]

Artist of the Week: Maxwell Runko

Caroline Zemp Guest Columnist VCUarts, as many students are aware, is voted one of the top public art schools in the country. Within that realm, the top sculpture department in the country is located here as well. Those in this department use a unique process of creative thought, and to create physical representations of abstract […]

Ink Speaks to Clayton Hall

Esther Eom Guest Columnist Clayton Hall, a Fashion Design student in the VCU School of the Arts is passionate about designing women’s wear and works to achieve social interaction within the VCU Fashion Department. As a social media intern, he provides the latest fashion news through the VCU Fashion Facebook page, and strives to increase […]