Month: December 2019

  • An Interesting Man

    An Interesting Man

    Adam Sandler is a household name for most people, and there is a range of feelings towards him from  “he’s a pretty funny guy” to “he’s an annoying man-child.” His filmography has probably ruined him for some people, but he really does have talent and might be worth a second look.

  • Weekly Roundup

    Weekly Roundup

    What our staff has been looking at, reading, and thinking about.

  • Dragonflies and Restoration

    Dragonflies and Restoration

    At 28 years-old, Liz Bellamy looks toward a social work and services job while recovering from her previous substance abuse. She is part of the REAL Life female recovery home and an empowerment program, called Expectant Mothers Program. Bellamy continues to fight against her addiction and hopes to build a strong bond between her son and her immediate family.