Month: October 2021

  • Wallpaper Interview

    Wallpaper Interview

    Whether you’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of their flyers, been to every show, or you’re just hearing of them now, Wallpaper is the sound on the street that no one can seem to turn away from. The band started last year at the height of quarantine and has managed to amass a dedicated fanbase, put on unique live shows, and spread their music through the streets like wildfire. I got to sit down with the band members, Andrew Milhorn, lead guitarist and singer, and drummer Jack Lwin to ask how Wallpaper has become the experience it is and what they plan to do next. 

  • I forgive you, red-rimmed Erin.

    I forgive you, red-rimmed Erin.

    When I remember your name, I still feel the foot-shaped bruise on my 9-year old stomach. I remember the muffled tears, the bus hopping, and the huddling in the left 12th row seat. Instead, I’d rather recall our time as sisters, cheek-to-cheek during the 40-minute rides on bus 52.