Weekly Roundup: Sudoku, Japanese Sound Rock and Scott Pilgrim

What our staff has been looking at, thinking about, listening to, etc… Andrew: I know what you’re thinking; “Scott Pilgrim is for losers.” But trust me, the new Netflix anime is a hilarious animation masterwork that remixes everything that made the original comic a bit… dicey. Amid the holiday season, “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” is […]

Fugly Is In!

A sartorial sin so heinous, it’s a crime against fashion humanity. The rebellious lovechild of “funky” and “ugly,” who stands tall, unapologetically defying the norms of good taste. Introducing: “Fugly.” It’s a riot of clashing prints, a symphony of jarring styles and a whimsical dance of silhouettes. “Fugliness” is not merely a lack of aesthetic […]