Men Hate Women: Let’s Talk About It

I ‘that phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy😭’ When Twitter user @sk1tguru tweeted this on Oct. 2, the Earth’s crust cracked in half. The conversation in the replies ran long and its reach spanned the cosmos. The boys had something to say, and they were gonna say it loud and strong. […]

Shortcomings: Not Your Model Minority

WARNING: Heavily Spoilers Past This Point I “Shortcomings” is a movie about an ass****. As the film opens, we’re introduced to the main character, Ben Tanaka, doing what he does best: hating. In the IDGAF (I don’t give a f***) wars, Ben fought valiantly on the side of giving a f***. But he didn’t just […]

The Descending Heel of Fascism: Drag Bans and the Assault on Trans Bodies

On December 23rd, Tennessee’s House of Representatives passed House Bill 09, one of numerous laws being proposed around the nation criminalizing crossdressing that have come to be known as “drag bans.” The bill was signed by the governor on March 2, going into effect on July 1. While Tennessee is the first to sign a bill like this into law they are not alone in their targeting of drag; bills have been proposed in at least 14 states, including Texas, West Virginia, and Missouri.

Unsung Heroes Comics: Dwayne McDuffie

I Introduction When I think of the greatest minds in the history of comics, some of the typical names come up. Jack “The King” Kirby. Grant Morrison. George Perez. All great creators in their own respects, with groundbreaking stories and undeniable legacies. But recently, I’ve found one man in my thoughts more than any other. […]

Vulnerable Hearts, Vulnerable Bodies: Sexual Health and STI Stigma

In the era of sex positivity and hookup culture, stigma around casual sex has gone down, yet stigma around STIs has continued to permeate. While our culture has gotten more and more comfortable discussing sex, there still remains an air of discomfort surrounding open, honest discussions about sexual health and STIs, which I believe harms this generation. In this piece, I’d explore the stigma surrounding this topic, feeding it through the lens of my own experiences, and the wider issues that this stigma creates.

DAHMER: Is True Crime Ethical?

Netflix’s recent DAHMER series has been on everyone’s minds and everyone’s lips. The polarizing biographical drama about the infamous serial killer has brought with it controversy, not least of which has been the families of the victim’s speaking out against the show. At what point are we going too far? Where is the line?

The Nice House on the Lake: The Evolution of the Horror Genre

On June 1, 2021, the first issue of The Nice House on the Lake hit comic book stores. Written by James Tynion IV and with art by Alvaro Martínez Bueno, it took readers by surprise. Tynion and Martínez Bueno had worked together on Tynion’s Detective Comics and Justice League Dark, both to relative success, but this comic was entirely different from anything the pair had done before.

Last Night in Soho: The Evolution of Women’s Revenge Films

Recently, I had the pleasure of going to see Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho. It tells the story of a fashion student named Ellie starting her freshman year of college in London. After roommate troubles, she rents a room with an elderly landlady named Ms. Collins. After moving in, her dreams at night tell the story of a girl named Sandy, who lived in the very same room back in the sixties. She came to London with dreams of being a star, wanting to sing in nightclubs and be the next big thing on the London stage circuit. A man named Jack agrees to be her manager after she impresses him, and the two run off into the night.