Doll Parts

Sydney Folsom takes beauty to the extremes in her gallery of Frankenstein paper dolls.  The fashion and beauty standards within pop culture praise things like swollen lips, suffocating clothing, and other severe trends all to achieve the perfect look. These severe body modifications have become a social media norm that leaves us asking: what’s next?  […]

The Sweetest Thing

In this project, I study what it means to be “sweet.” This is a word I’ve been described as many times in my life. What does it mean to be sweet? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can you be too sweet? To study this, I arranged a display of “sweet” objects […]

Spin, Spin, Spin Around: A Night With Cowgirl Clue

INK staff member Sydney Folsom photographed the magical Cowgirl Clue while on her Spring 2023 tour at the Camel last Wednesday. Her performance, glowing in hot pink lighting, was an eclectic mix of playful lyrics and sugary beats that sent the audience to cloud nine. She sang her newest releases, Trailblaze and Picket Fence, iconic old songs, such as Cherry Jubilee, as well as unreleased bops (one mentioning swimming upstream like a trout). Buzzz out to the images Sydney captured of the faerie-genie that is Cowgirl Clue.

Let the Show Begin

In her DIY costume and makeup, Miss Hannah Harlow met us in the local cemetery as an ode to the 1980s gothic scene. Enjoy and let the show begin…

Behind the Curtain

Hannah Nara, also known as @misshannahharlow to her followers, is a VCU Arts student with a passion for vintage. As a one-woman-show, she creates retro content on multiple platforms, transporting her followers back in time.

Merry Mardival

Happy Mardi Gras! Sydney Folsom created this piece to celebrate the masquerade holiday. Pause at any moment to see one-of-a-kind illustrations and archived photos of the holiday.