The Evolution of a Permanent Art Form Exploring the World of Tattoos with Lana Ho

Over the last 20 years, society has evolved dramatically. Creative self-expression is accepted and embraced in ways it was not before, especially through the art of tattooing. In this day and age, people say what they want, dress how they want, and get the tattoos that they want. An art form that once branded a person as dangerous or rebellious is now revered in many circles, and for good reason. 

Comedy and Controversy: With David Cross and Sean Patton

It seems as though, in this day and age, the comedy scene is fighting an internal battle, grappling with difficult-to-discuss social issues such as abortion, gun rights, religion, politics, and seemingly every new election. Comedians, however, are some of the only people who have turned a blind eye to the taboo ,instead laughing at the ridiculousness within.