Comedy and Controversy: With David Cross and Sean Patton

It seems as though, in this day and age, the comedy scene is fighting an internal battle, grappling with difficult-to-discuss social issues such as abortion, gun rights, religion, politics, and seemingly every new election. Comedians, however, are some of the only people who have turned a blind eye to the taboo ,instead laughing at the ridiculousness within.

Rent: The Backstage Pass

Ever wondered what life backstage of a production is like? I dived into VCU Theatre’s production of “Rent” and learned everything about what the backstage experience really is. I took photographs, interviewed the actors, and got to know all aspects of VCU theatre. I spent the last three weeks observing, getting to know the actors, figuring out all the secrets of putting on this grand size of a production, and finding all the small and unseen gears that make a show like this run. Keep reading to find out more about the charm and vitality of “Rent.”

Galleries of the District

mmediately as I stepped foot into 1708 Gallery I was welcomed by two eager greeters. Founded in 1978, this art gallery is one of the oldest artist-run galleries in the country. That’s a pretty valuable gallery hidden amongst the brick towers populating Broad Street.

The Trials of Growing Up and “Moving Out:” Phoneboy all Exclusive Interview at Richmond Music Hall

The busy, buzzing of Richmond streets on a typical Saturday night were blessed with the sounds of alternative/indie/pop band Phoneboy on their second night of their first headlining tour. Within the honks of traffic, if you listened closely to the sounds surrounding Main Street on March 25, 2023, you could hear the sweet sounds of lead singers and guitarists Ricky Dana and Wyn Barnum, alongside bassist James Fusco, Jordan Torres on keys, and Christian Nace on drums playing their new sophmore album “Moving Out.”

The Permanence of Art in the Digital Age

Imagine a world with no art. Billboards hold words with no color. Children’s books are just gray pages of mush that kids chew into soluble pieces only to spit up the excess. Movies don’t exist. Neither do any form of theatre or dance. Clothes are uniform. Walls are dim with the blankness of an unstretched canvas. The world is muted. Life is feeble. 

moonlit lantern x red tulip x a place in my head

moonlit lantern a moonlit lantern hangs above my head as i wilt into sleep. to be alive is to be resourceful. i count the seconds away from home as tallies on a billboard. the lines are indistinguishable. i read by candle light and blow out the fire before it burns past saving. i sneak a […]

A Rare Gem: VCU’s Smallest Major

What is this mystery major that no one knows about? Well I can’t just forthright tell you, now can I? Next we are going to play a little guessing game. Many people compare my major to Fashion Design (spoiler alert, it is not Fashion Design). I work with clothes of all centuries and builds. I sew day in and day out until my fingers are numb. I work in millinery and draping and patterning. I own scissors that cost more than my laptop. I work with actors and actresses, potentially both on screen or on stage. Any guesses?

Back end limit

a leaf’s lifetime i was never a fan of autumn much. my stomach churns as the first leaf makes its escape from gravity. sometimes i wish to fall like that. what i mean to say is: a leafs lifetime is a summer, and i envy that. sometimes, i wish to wrap the sun in my […]

Fine Line

A form of art, photography, and poetry combined.

VCU Production is an Earnest Bit of Fun

“The Importance of Being Earnest” by playwright Oscar Wilde is… silly. The play is based around ideas about acting a certain way and playing a part in society. The story follows two main male characters who both pretend their names are “Earnest” to win over a fellow lady. The two main female characters in the play are absolutely wooed by their man named “Earnest” who wins their hearts by being someone they are not.