Merry Mardival

Happy Mardi Gras! Sydney Folsom created this piece to celebrate the masquerade holiday. Pause at any moment to see one-of-a-kind illustrations and archived photos of the holiday.

The Opening of the Black Fidelity Art Exhibition

Taking place on the first day of Black History Month, three VCU student organizations, which included CPC (Creative Production Committee), BLK IN FASHION, and B.A.S.E (Black Art Student Empowerment), created a one-of-kind art exhibition called Black Fidelity, showcasing black student’s artwork at The Anderson Gallery.

moonlit lantern x red tulip x a place in my head

moonlit lantern a moonlit lantern hangs above my head as i wilt into sleep. to be alive is to be resourceful. i count the seconds away from home as tallies on a billboard. the lines are indistinguishable. i read by candle light and blow out the fire before it burns past saving. i sneak a […]

Is Print Dead?

The phrase print is dead has been thrown around left and right for quite some time now. In a world filled with like-buttons and comment sections, why would we need printed media? Print media offers something that digital does not; physicality.

Back end limit

a leaf’s lifetime i was never a fan of autumn much. my stomach churns as the first leaf makes its escape from gravity. sometimes i wish to fall like that. what i mean to say is: a leafs lifetime is a summer, and i envy that. sometimes, i wish to wrap the sun in my […]

The Richmond Vampire

The Richmond Vampire, or the Hollywood Vampire, is an urban legend claiming there is a vampire roaming the grounds of the Hollywood cemetery. The legend began to circulate in the 1960s, eventually gaining popularity on the VCU campus in the 1980s.

Fine Line

A form of art, photography, and poetry combined.

VCU Production is an Earnest Bit of Fun

“The Importance of Being Earnest” by playwright Oscar Wilde is… silly. The play is based around ideas about acting a certain way and playing a part in society. The story follows two main male characters who both pretend their names are “Earnest” to win over a fellow lady. The two main female characters in the play are absolutely wooed by their man named “Earnest” who wins their hearts by being someone they are not. 

Am I Serious Enough?: In Defense of Fiber Arts

What is seriousness in art?   Oftentimes, the palms of my hands are calloused over with great care, marking the pressure points of the process. Small, yet meaningful, cuts characterize my fingertips, moving through the familiar cycle: healing and bruising, healing and bruising, healing and bruising, all for me to repeat over and over again with […]

Rice Evan’s Gallery Review

I had the privilege of attending a new art gallery showing at the ALMA’S Art Gallery right here in
Richmond on September 15, 2022. The art showing is called Subconsciously Monumental and
throughout the art gallery it takes you back a decade into the early 2000s teen world. While sauntering
through the exhibit I felt like I was time traveling back to 2012.

Richmond’s Pick Me Ups: What to Do in RVA When You’re Feelin’ Down

Article and Graphics By: Annie Chilton Back to school season can be both an exciting and overwhelming time. It’s important to take care of your mental health and practice self-care while classes start back up. No matter what, everyone feels down sometimes and has their own way of coping with that, whether it be snuggling […]