Spin, Spin, Spin Around: A Night With Cowgirl Clue

INK staff member Sydney Folsom photographed the magical Cowgirl Clue while on her Spring 2023 tour at the Camel last Wednesday. Her performance, glowing in hot pink lighting, was an eclectic mix of playful lyrics and sugary beats that sent the audience to cloud nine. She sang her newest releases, Trailblaze and Picket Fence, iconic old songs, such as Cherry Jubilee, as well as unreleased bops (one mentioning swimming upstream like a trout). Buzzz out to the images Sydney captured of the faerie-genie that is Cowgirl Clue.

Unsung Heroes Comics: Dwayne McDuffie

I Introduction When I think of the greatest minds in the history of comics, some of the typical names come up. Jack “The King” Kirby. Grant Morrison. George Perez. All great creators in their own respects, with groundbreaking stories and undeniable legacies. But recently, I’ve found one man in my thoughts more than any other. […]

Merry Mardival

Happy Mardi Gras! Sydney Folsom created this piece to celebrate the masquerade holiday. Pause at any moment to see one-of-a-kind illustrations and archived photos of the holiday.

Angel Olsen, Big Time at The National on 2/10/23

Angel Olsen released “Big Time” in the summer of 2022, following her album “Whole New Mess,” which featured stripped back versions of songs from her 5th album “All Mirrors.” Olsen is truly a genre defying artist, as her discography includes sounds from rock, indie, folk, country and pop. On “Big Time,” Olsen’s country influences are front and center, singing about queer romance.

How to quit your addiction to labels

When Chuck Berry first strummed his guitar for the world to witness nearly eight decades ago, sounds of unfathomable colors danced off the strings. Flying through the air, they planted themselves in the soil, festering the seeds that would soon sprout into the likes of Elvis, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. A culture of unbridled creativity would grow amongst the youth of the time.

The Opening of the Black Fidelity Art Exhibition

Taking place on the first day of Black History Month, three VCU student organizations, which included CPC (Creative Production Committee), BLK IN FASHION, and B.A.S.E (Black Art Student Empowerment), created a one-of-kind art exhibition called Black Fidelity, showcasing black student’s artwork at The Anderson Gallery.

moonlit lantern x red tulip x a place in my head

moonlit lantern a moonlit lantern hangs above my head as i wilt into sleep. to be alive is to be resourceful. i count the seconds away from home as tallies on a billboard. the lines are indistinguishable. i read by candle light and blow out the fire before it burns past saving. i sneak a […]

Life is a Jarty. Dress for it.

A few weeks ago, Richmond techno pop group Belly of the Heart hosted a “jarty” to celebrate the anniversary of their album Deep In Club. For those who don’t know, a jarty is a party where goers are intended to be clad head to toe in denim.

Is Print Dead?

The phrase print is dead has been thrown around left and right for quite some time now. In a world filled with like-buttons and comment sections, why would we need printed media? Print media offers something that digital does not; physicality.

Back end limit

a leaf’s lifetime i was never a fan of autumn much. my stomach churns as the first leaf makes its escape from gravity. sometimes i wish to fall like that. what i mean to say is: a leafs lifetime is a summer, and i envy that. sometimes, i wish to wrap the sun in my […]