Two Sentence Reviews of Best Picture

A night of the stars, one that produces a best-worst-dressed list, a new cascade of memes, and occasionally an iconic celebrity-studded selfie. It’s a night where many work hard to get recognized for their efforts to help elevate the world of cinema. Every year, the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, nominate ten movies […]

Doll Parts

Sydney Folsom takes beauty to the extremes in her gallery of Frankenstein paper dolls.  The fashion and beauty standards within pop culture praise things like swollen lips, suffocating clothing, and other severe trends all to achieve the perfect look. These severe body modifications have become a social media norm that leaves us asking: what’s next?  […]

The Art of the Commonplace Book

My grandmother keeps a box of newspaper clippings in her bedroom closet. My brother highlights his favorite book passages. My roommate collects a list of jokes on her Notes app. My desk is full of sticky notes covered in miscellaneous musings. I didn’t have a word for this practice until I was assigned an ongoing […]

A Veteran’s Guide to VCUarts

It’s no secret that art school is a scam. But with just a few simple pointers, you too can make the most out of your ever-increasing tuition and create art so amazing, the 600 other Art Foundation students in your year have no other choice but to lie down and cry.  In the spirit of […]

The Evolution of a Permanent Art Form Exploring the World of Tattoos with Lana Ho

Over the last 20 years, society has evolved dramatically. Creative self-expression is accepted and embraced in ways it was not before, especially through the art of tattooing. In this day and age, people say what they want, dress how they want, and get the tattoos that they want. An art form that once branded a person as dangerous or rebellious is now revered in many circles, and for good reason. 

Comedy and Controversy: With David Cross and Sean Patton

It seems as though, in this day and age, the comedy scene is fighting an internal battle, grappling with difficult-to-discuss social issues such as abortion, gun rights, religion, politics, and seemingly every new election. Comedians, however, are some of the only people who have turned a blind eye to the taboo ,instead laughing at the ridiculousness within.

The Sweetest Thing

In this project, I study what it means to be “sweet.” This is a word I’ve been described as many times in my life. What does it mean to be sweet? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can you be too sweet? To study this, I arranged a display of “sweet” objects […]